Ideas to wear rings on the wedding day

Our entire website is designed so that there is harmony in the details for the wedding. Although perfection does not exist, in the midst of these events the best possible is always done to make the experience unforgettable. In the same way as the dress, the banquet and the cake, the rings also occupy a fundamental place on the list of things that have to go well and we are not only referring to the choice, but also to the way of wearing them. Therefore, we bring you some ideas to wear the rings on your wedding day.

Although we know that you are very busy and that your nerves can betray you, the best thing is that together with the wedding planners you finalize this matter long before the ceremony begins. Do not leave these types of ideas for the end. The best thing is that you choose it at the same time as the rings themselves. At Silverson we offer you very special wedding rings made of wood and silver and wood and gold. Do you know them?

Both wedding rings and alliances are usually worn by the groomsmen or, failing that, by the typical youngest boy or girl in the family.

 Where to wear the rings on the wedding day?

Due to its importance, this small detail should not go unnoticed; therefore they must be protected, visible and with striking accessories to be able to stand out. Among some of the ideas we are going to mention the ideal way to wear it. Let's start:

   chests or boxes

Imagine for a moment you at the altar with your beautiful dress walking with a procession led by your favorite nephew and in his hands a beautiful box or crystal chest with the rings for the wedding. Cool! It is true that the moment is unique, but placing the rings in an open box displaying an attractive diamond or pure gold hoops is not unpleasant at all.

                        Vintage style

Here you can let your imagination fly. The vintage style usually goes very well with any type of event. Many of the weddings that are celebrated during the day in open spaces have carried out the transfer of rings on wooden trunks adorned with flowers.

This idea is great for both the summer and the first and it is very creative. And the best thing is that even if the idea is copied, yours will always be original because they can place their favorite flowers.

Many also take advantage of the style and go further. Placing alliances on top of artificial nests. Of course, everything is tasteful and they will surely not go unnoticed.

                        the typical cushion

Although the idea of the small cushion is the most used, you can always vary. We explain a little. The cushions can be of different sizes, colors, styles and can even be worn separately, that is, two cushions, one with each ring.

There your creativity will give you the original touch you need. The new trends are inclined towards minimalist cushions, without pompous lace or shades of white.

The rule is to combine the cushion with the colors that predominate at the wedding, with the procession and of course with the bride and groom's dress. Here there are no limits in relation to color, all are completely valid as long as they combine.

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