Ideas to propose to your partner

Surely you have ever dreamed that you have proposed to your partner or that your partner gave you an engagement ring , at Silverson we know that asking for the hand of your loved one in marriage is one of the most important moments of your life. As special as it is, surely you want to make sure that this proposal is impressive and unforgettable. In this article we have compiled some proposal ideas that will be irresistible. Take one of these ideas and add a bit of personality to make it different and unique. I'm sure he'll say yes before you know it!

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1st travel proposal

A proposal worth remembering , make it during a vacation trip with your loved one. It doesn't have to be far away, a weekend getaway to a nearby city is also a good idea!

Tip: You don't have to do it when you get to the city, do it on the plane or in the car, and then celebrate the engagement during the holidays.

2 Proposing On The Beach

If you're a big fan of the ocean, the beach could be the perfect place to propose. Tell your partner you heard about a beach contest for the best sand drawing (to enter, you're supposed to take a photo and email it). You could even ask the lifeguard to come up to you and "tell you about the competition." Suggest that both you and your partner create your own drawings. Of course, you will use this as your time to write the marriage proposal. When you're both done, share your creations – you'll be amazed. If you want to make it more perfect look at our engagement rings

3º A walk down memory lane

Create a collection of memories of you and your partner, beautifully stored inside a box. Leave a note behind each photo and let her sink into nostalgic bliss before you get to the question.

Tip: Before he starts opening photos, you can ask him to play a specific song, or your song together, to set his mood for a walk down memory lane.

4th love poem

If you are one of the literary couples, this idea would come in handy. Create a poem or short story that ends by asking for her hand in marriage. Wait patiently for his surprised expression when he reaches the final part! Tip: Not a writer? Don't worry. Hollow out an old book, place the ring inside, and ask her to read a specific page of the book. Imagine his surprise when he finds out!

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5th Propose On A Walk

Imagine climbing a mountain or a hillside, getting down on your knees and giving your partner an engagement ring . What better place to propose than at the end of the road? It's a symbol of your journey, and the view at the top will most likely be breathtaking.

6th Ideas For Marriage Proposals With Friends And Family

If your partner is close to your family, they may very well want you to be involved. You won't have to strain anyone's arm to help you with the proposal, but make sure you enlist the help of unobtrusive friends and family. Whether you're there before or after, it's often important to share the moment with your loved ones, too. Also, surely your partner has dreamed of this moment and this incredible gold wedding ring.

7th puzzle

Put your question in a personalized puzzle for an added sense of fun. Imagine how intrigued she will be to finish the whole puzzle!

Tip: add some photos to the puzzle and prepare a frame to remember it for a lifetime.

8º With a movie

One of our favorite proposal ideas is to make videos of yourself in all the places that make sense for your relationship. Document the place where you met, the restaurant you went to for the first time, the place where you had your first kiss…

Without a doubt, this is a great marriage proposal that you will remember forever, you can also give her this incredible engagement ring to make it even more special.

9th Marriage Proposal While Playing Trivia Game

Plan a game night alone or with friends. When it's your partner's turn to answer a question, walk over to where you're sitting and say "Your question is: Will you marry me?" Definitely make a real trivia card so you have the memory of the proposition to hold on to.

10th Treasure hunt

Turn your proposal into a scavenger hunt by scattering clues for your partner to find. It can be done in your home or neighborhood, depending on how great you want the hunt to be. Be sure to give relevant clues and ask a family member or friend to guide you too!

Tip: Take her back to your dates or take her to pamper herself before meeting you at the final location.

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