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At Silverson we do not have intermediaries. We design and manufacture our own pieces in an artisan way and in Spain. In addition to jewelry pieces, we can also do other things. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the elaborations that we have been doing in recent months. If something occurs to you or you want to propose an idea, you just have to write to us at info@silverson.art
We can design rings from scratch, make that ring you dream of, make personalized wedding rings, remake an old piece, work with 3D models or anything you can think of. Our handmade wedding rings prove it.
In this article you will see how we made some rings with the wood that the client himself brought us .
Surely we come to some good conclusion!

We are going to tell you about some of the things we have done lately.

  1. We start with a personalized buckle for a belt. It can be done with the drawing that you want and with the materials that you like the most. In this case it is a gift for an appreciated person. What do you think?

The front looks like this. It is made of ebony wood and brass. It can be done in any metal and in many types of wood. The back part is as you can see in the following photo to be able to put the typical removable belt.

The person who received the gift is very happy and has not changed his belt for a long time. We cannot tell you what the letters on the buckle mean. professional secrecy.

2. We have also had the good fortune and honor of receiving a very special commission from the Madrid Municipal Police. We have made these helmets that are a detail for the people who have been part of this institution. They tell us that they liked the result a lot and it must be true because the order has grown considerably. Let's see if you like them. We have created the 3D model, the development, the figure, the pedestal and the inscription. Everything has come from our workshop.

As you can see, it is the case used by the Madrid municipal police from the beginning of the Second Republic until the beginning of the eighties. An authentic icon of Madrid culture.

As you can see, we dare with everything and we have a serious and very effective work system. If you need something, you can write to us at info@silverson.art and we will try to give you the best possible solution.

3. We really like to please our customers. Sometimes, they bring us pieces with sentimental value that have been owned by a relative and we fix or restore them. On this occasion that we show you below, we have redesigned these cufflinks based on an old model so that they have a new life.

4. Our foundry allows us to make pieces of a considerable size, such as these commemorative plaques for a school. It was a rewarding job where the result was important, as the plate must be visible and durable. We work on 3D design, mold creation and bronze casting.

5. Sometimes, we also do some fun work . Not everything is going to be serious. A few days ago, we finished these birthday greeting medals. The first is the headline and the second is in case it gets lost, of course.

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