Gold and silver rings: what we talk about when we talk about gold

Both gold and silver are the most famous of the so-called precious metals . These metals are considered so for their beauty, inalterability and brightness, among many other exceptional characteristics.

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These metals are not usually used in a pure form in the most common applications such as jewelry, numismatics, cutlery, etc. They are mixed in fixed and legally stipulated proportions to improve their properties or give them some new properties that make them more useful objects. These mixtures are called alloys .

Gold alloy: what is sterling gold

In the case of gold, the alloy is classified with a number based on the amount of pure gold it contains, these are the "karats". Thus, we would have 24 carats for pure and unmixed gold , and we would go down carats as the amount of mixture increases. 23, 22, etc carat Now you understand why when you search for cheap gold wedding rings the results are not so easy.

For this reason, our gold pieces are 18-carat and you can check it in the product sheets of each one. If you want to see an example, here we leave you the Horus ring . Pure 24 karat gold is too soft to be used normally in jewelry, the pieces would be too brittle and would not have consistency. In addition, alloys contribute to the fact that gold can have other colors and shades. If you like thick gold rings for women, you can look at our collection and especially the Jadarum Kiseki .

It can also be expressed as the amount per 1000 of pure metal that the alloy contains. In this other nomenclature, for example, pure gold is 999.99 and the famous 18-carat gold would have 750 thousandths (750 parts out of 1,000 are pure gold).

For example, the price of gold on the stock market is that of 100% pure gold, that is, 24 carats. The most common gold in Spain, however, is 18-carat. Bullion used as a gold reserve by some central banks and other large operators weighs 400 troy ounces (12.4 kg), with a minimum purity of 99.5% (although 99.99% pure gold is almost always used). %), and are part of the Good Delivery standard .

In silver, on the other hand, it will be expressed only by numerical proportion. The thousandths.

So what are the well-known "sterling gold" and "sterling silver"? .
It is simply a way of calling the stipulated commercial proportion most traditionally used in Spain.
So "sterling gold" is the same as 18 karat or 750 thousandths. And "sterling silver" is 925 thousandths. That is, in all our designs we use gold and sterling silver.

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