The jewels of the famous Hollywood

Hollywood stars can rock Cartier or Bulgari diamonds for red carpet events, but not all celebrity jewelry requires its own bodyguard.

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez with Jennifer Fisher earrings.

Arguably the queen of Hollywood hoops, Fisher offers versions ranging from tiny huggies to multi-inch statement makers, available in both 14k gold and more wallet-friendly brass. Jennifer Lopez, Kirie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have multiple pairs.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle wearing an Awe Inspired necklace.

With its goddess-inspired designs, Awe Inspired aims to "increase inner strength, celebrate diversity, spread feminism, and advocate for social justice." The brand donates 20% of all proceeds to partner charities, and shoppers can even choose which cause they'd like their purchase to benefit at checkout. It's no wonder Meghan Markle, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Nina Dobrev are big fans.


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Gigi Haddid

Gigi Hadid wearing Missoma necklace and earrings.

This UK-based brand offers "semi-fine" embellishments that are perfect for layering, mixing and matching. You've probably seen Missoma's gold chain necklaces and dainty hoop earrings on big names like Emily Ratajkowski, Florence Pugh, and Gigi Hadid.

But the stars of old Hollywood also wore jewelry, and their public wardrobe was often carefully managed under the studio system, which sought to uphold the reputations of all its stars. But, even without the help of a studio costume designer, many of the most famous actresses had their own sparkling jewelry collections and often wore their own jewelry in movies. These are just some of the biggest jewelry collectors in Old Hollywood .

Grace Kelly

This famous actress is reported to have claimed that she preferred pearls, both on and off screen. Her jewelry collection grew substantially once she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Van Cleef and Arpels was one of his favorite jewelers, as well as the two firms of Grimaldi and Cartier . In fact, her granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi , wore one of her Cartier necklaces ( diamonds , of course) on her wedding day in 2019.

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lana turner

 Turner 's film career began after she became known as the "girl in the sweater" from the 1937 film They Won't Forget . Turner came from a working-class family, so even after she achieved success, her gem collection comprised both costume jewelry and fine jewelry. Turner was known to have taken home quite a few pieces of costume jewelry from the sets he worked on. His collection was so large that he had custom dressers built to hold all his finery.

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elizabeth taylor

 The queen of all things gemstone was, of course, Elizabeth Taylor . From the beginning of her career, the actress had a fondness for all kinds of jewelry and had an eye for expensive and unusual creations that featured rare gems. The expensive and opulent jewelry gifts that her third husband, Mike Todd , bought her set the tone for her tastes later in life. After his untimely death, she continued to buy diamonds for herself, as she strongly associated them with being in love with Todd. Two of her favorite jewelry houses were Cartier and Bulgari , both of which made custom pieces for her over the years.

mae west

His father was John Patrick West , an Irish-born boxer and brawler who held various trades; he managed a stable of horses used for carriages and set up a private detective agency. The mother was a corsetry model named Tillie Delker . The future actress had two younger siblings: Mildred Katherine West and John Edwin West II . Due to the environments in which her parents moved, she got used to observing and listening to men with bad manners since she was a child, which contributed to forging her cheeky character and her ability to write sparkling dialogues to the taste of the working-class public that filled the theaters.

The early movie star bought many diamond pieces for herself, which she later used in her movies. Despite her rough-and-ready personality, many of the dazzling gems she wore on set belonged to her, carefully chosen to showcase her flair for fashion and her newfound wealth. He was particularly fond of Art Nouveau and Art Deco style pieces.

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Merle Oberon

Oberon 's career changed in the wake of her marriage to director Alexander Korda , who was the one who persuaded her to change the name that made her famous. In 1935, she starred in Ángel en tinieblas , a film that earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress. In 1937 Merle was chosen to play Messalina in the film Yo, Claudio that her husband was going to direct; but the actress suffered a traffic accident, which, together with several setbacks, forced the project to be cancelled. As consequences of the accident, scars were left on his face, a defect that could end his career; but a deft use of makeup and lighting helped him cover it up in his later films.

The Scarlet Pimpernel star was a huge aficionado of gems and also wore her own pieces in her movies. One of the most envied pieces in her collection was the Cartier emerald and diamond necklace she found in Paris.

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