Original wedding vows: tips on how to make them

We agree. A wedding has to be perfect . But, not only is it enough to have a dream party, a beautiful wedding dress and a royal banquet. There is a very important detail that makes everything more romantic and it is actually the true essence of the wedding. It is something that makes everything make sense and it is, perhaps, the moment that most reaches the invited people.

That moment just before giving consent must be accompanied by some original wedding vows that emanate directly from the heart and it is right there where we are going to help you.

All couples are not the same and the ways of how to lead the relationship are always different. What some find very romantic, others find cloying.
The idea in saying this is that you are clear that the vows are made depending on the personality of the couple. And remember, it is not a rule that the vows must be used exclusively for ecclesiastical weddings, there are original civil wedding vows that come directly from an office in the City Hall.

Therefore, you go to weddings where you can find funny wedding vows, personalized wedding vows and in others with movie wedding vows. Our intention is that you understand that there are no rules to express your love. If you want to be anecdotal, add a little humor or say words that move the fiber of feelings until they explode, just do it. It's your wedding and you decide how to do it.

romantic wedding vows
Romantic wedding vows are usually the most common. In general, couples are experiencing full love and want to express what they are feeling at the moment. And they say words like:

  • "You are the most special thing that has ever happened to me."
  • "If I went back in time, I wouldn't change a single day since I met you."

These words are usually charged with intensity and often make everyone cry. Many couples write their vows beforehand so as not to forget a single detail. But, this makes it lose a bit of romance.
The ideal in these cases is that you are very sincere and say exactly what you feel, not at the moment, but what you have felt since you fell in love. It enhances the virtues, exalts the relationship and explodes with love, it is precisely the perfect occasion to do so.

funny wedding vows
In general, these types of votes are not planned. They come out of the pressure of the moment or if you have experienced a fun moment that changed the course of the relationship and is worth remembering. Although if you want them to be funny wedding vows you have several options, among them the following stand out:
● Create rhyming vows.
● Make vows with music, even if you don't believe it, some even rap and everyone cries and laughs at the same time.
● You can also make your partner laugh by remembering a spectacular fall.
● And everything you can think of, if your personality is overjoyed, surely your
creativity will help you to give a personalized touch to the matter.

Many think that vows have to be rigid, perfect or very romantic. The reality is that this special moment must be full of magic. If you say what you think and also do it looking straight into the eyes and surrender, it will undoubtedly be the perfect moment for you. Whether you say it laughing or with butterflies fluttering around the church.
The original wedding vows most of the time are not planned, they come out of the rage of the moment. Although if you plan something out of the ordinary it will surely be great. It's your moment live it as you want.

How to wear wedding rings to the altar? Original ideas to wear wedding rings.

  1. Hang them on the flower bouquet. There is nothing more special than seeing the bride walk with her earrings, her amazing dress, the bouquet of flowers and with her, the Wedding Rings.
  2. With personalized wooden boxes to carry the rings
  3. On a cushion with the name of the bride and groom embroidered
  4. A bird's nest. A rather rustic but striking idea is to place the Rings inside a small bird's nest. A nest full of love and meaning can be the best option for bird lovers.

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