How to take care of your jewelry ✅ The best tips to maintain your rings

Tips to keep jewelry protected from the wear of time

In each drawer or jewelry box in our homes, we have all kept jewelry or valuables that matter so much to us. Some of these might be shiny new, just bought for a special occasion, or just because we especially liked them. Other jewels, on the other hand, may have many more years behind them and constitute a very significant gift from someone dear to us . But like anything, even the best jewelry can go bad over time. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the possible precautions, to take care of even the most precious and delicate jewels. In this way, they will be able to combat the signs of aging, and return to being like the first day.

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Here are some tips to take care of your wedding rings and jewelry:

1. Avoid contact of precious objects with external agents that are too strong.

In fact, some elements or chemical solutions can be too aggressive for our most expensive jewels in the long run. For example, chlorinated water is the deadly enemy of gemstones , so it is best to protect precious jewelry from these elements. That is why it is advisable not to take items of a certain value when you go to a pool, SPA or even just to the beach, since the sea water or the chlorine in the pool can destroy them over time.

2. Avoid direct contact with chemicals or too strong.

Jewelry is an extremely delicate item and although it is made of an extremely durable substance, it is meant to enrich our appearance. Therefore, they cannot withstand chemicals or substances that are too strong for long periods of time. In fact, it is not recommended to put the perfume in direct contact with the jewelry , or to use it while using products such as cleansers, body creams or chemicals that are too aggressive.

3. Use the right products to clean your jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry needs to be cleaned with proper care, but not all jewelry can be stored the same way. In fact, each type of metal or stone requires a different method and solution to maintain its shine. For example, gold is a very simple item to care for , as it requires little care and can be washed with soap and water , but a custom-made cloth that is not too abrasive is recommended. On the contrary, silver requires much more care and precision, since it requires the use of suitable products that can go against the oxidation process of silver . If you like earrings you can look at our fantastic collection of earrings .

4. Choose well the place where you keep your jewelry

Each piece of jewelery needs the right home, so that it can be protected from external agents and last longer. in small padded jewelry boxes or in small silk bags , so they don't get damaged. In addition, it is advisable not to store your jewelry together, but to space them or store them in separate bags , to prevent them from getting dirty, scratched and damaged.

KEEP IN A COOL, DARK PLACE - It is essential that your jewelery is normally stored in a cool, dry, dark place as moisture and sunlight can tarnish both the most precious metals and jewellery. So opt for a lined jewelry box or a cabinet or drawer that you normally keep tightly closed.

Thanks to these little techniques and tips, it will be much easier to take care of your jewelry and make it last longer .

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Not only is it not recommended, the enamel solvent itself can damage stones such as corals, for example. but over time the enamel yellows and fades unevenly, leaving the piece in circles and fences... Much worse than without putting anything. It is reserved solely for ornamental pieces of decoration (Virgins of the Pillar tabletop, for example...).

One way to prolong the life of these types of ornamental pieces is to cover them with a thin layer of clear nail polish. This will not only protect them from external agents, preventing them from tarnishing and changing color.


Never wear jewelry during sports training, water and sweat are highly damaging to them, so they could cause immediate wear. Therefore, remember to remove all jewelry before any physical exercise.


Never keep jewelry in it, bathroom, especially if they are silver. Moisture can damage both metals and stones. The simple water vapor that forms while you shower could damage your jewelry, even if it's just sitting on the sink next to it. So remember to take off your rings and bracelets even before you enter the bathroom .


Always remember that some types of necklaces , such as pearl necklaces, must be placed on a support surface, especially if they are strung on silk fibers, otherwise they risk stretching over time, leaving the unsightly space between a bead and the other. Also keep in mind that pearls should be re-strung every two years if you want to maintain the initial proportions of the necklace as well as its original sparkling appearance.

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How to clean your jewelry?


How to clean your jewelry at home: A homemade and safe method to clean your jewelry in complete autonomy at home.


What is needed:


- warm water
- basin
- liquid or quick detergent.
- Toothbrush with soft bristles
- clean cloth




Fill a basin with warm water and add dish soap (we've quickly seen over the years which is the best and leaves the fewest stains once the jewelry has dried).

We introduce our jewels inside the soap dish and leave them for about ten minutes. Finally, with the toothbrush, gently rub your jewel
and rinse and dry carefully.

If we apply this simple procedure to our jewelry every 1-2 months, we can ensure that our jewelry stays as bright and beautiful as the first day for a long time.


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