Perfect phrases to ask for marriage

The dream of many women is to see their ideal man kneeling in front of her asking to be his wife. But, what background exists behind a proposal like that? The safest thing is that the boyfriend spent hours, days and even months looking for the right word to be able to reach the heart of his beloved. Today we want to make the job easier for that boyfriend or girlfriend worried about a situation like this by proposing various phrases to ask for marriage that will make them look like the protagonist of a romantic movie.

Words have a lot of strength, especially if they are to express feelings. Therefore, if you use the indicated ones, they will remain engraved in the heart and mind of that loved one for life, and it is true that, without being exaggerated, they will never be forgotten. We are going to leave you some suggestions that will leave you very well stopped.

Phrases to propose marriage

If you want to surprise your partner you must know some messages to ask
marriage that can hardly be rejected. First of all you must know your partner.

If you have to make a proposal to a traditional person who likes the simple, you can go for the classic phrases. Some of these ways to ask for marriage in a traditional way are:

● Do you want to be my husband? Do you want to be my wife?
● Do you want to marry me? Will you marry me?
● Since I met you, my life changed. Do you want to grow old by my side?
● Would you dare to marry me?
● You would make me the happiest man/woman in the world if you gave me the honor of being my wife.
● From the moment I saw you, I knew you were for me.
● I can't imagine my life without you, I want to spend the rest of my life by your side

Now, if you have a slightly more irreverent partner , not so romantic and direct, the following phrases can help you. Take note:

● It's time to go to the next level. Marry me and we will always be happy...
● Do you want to undertake a change by my side?
● I know we are lucky to have found each other, but I need to feel that you are part of me. Marry me.
● I can't let you go, Let's get married and take this journey of life together.

Originality depends mostly on the moment, but if you are preparing a speech, some of these phrases can be very helpful.

How to make the perfect proposal?

But, it doesn't take just one sentence to propose marriage. Gestures also play a very important role at the time of the proposal. And as a boyfriend, you have to be extremely careful with it. A simple mistake can transform the situation from romantic to showy. Therefore, follow the following recommendations:

● Always keep your gaze fixed on the other person's eyes.
● Before making the proposal, take a deep breath and speak slowly.
● Try to be direct, if you start thinking about the situation you run the risk of losing the idea and it will be very difficult for you to return to the situation.
● You must definitely control your nerves.
Additionally, we recommend making proposals in places that you usually go frequently. This way you will feel much more confident. And finally you have to be as sincere as possible, do not use words that you do not know their meaning.

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