"Giving a ring as a gift means capturing an emotion in a physical object and making it eternal."

INTERVIEW - This is how we made a personalized ring with Buxo wood for a client with very clear ideas who was looking for something special.

Sometimes we do special jobs. This is the case of a client who asked us to make a ring with boxwood. We loved being able to get everything he wanted. We were so happy that we asked him to let us ask him some questions to tell about this beautiful adventure on our blog.
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In this case, our client chose the Jadar model from our collection in silver and with the wood that he himself sent us. It is a light wood with a very nice grain.

What is the history of this wood?
This wood, called buxo in Galicia, is deeply rooted in our cultural tradition, since it is one of the most used to make various instruments, including the Galician bagpipe.

Why is it so special to you?
Actually, it's special for my partner, who is the one I ordered the ring for. She was looking for something different and unique that had "meaning" and that at the same time could be identified with her, since from a very young age she has been closely linked to singing, dancing and traditional music, and to Galician culture in general.

Does it mean a lot to wear a special wood in a ring?
It means wearing a unique and artisan piece, with "soul", and of which there will never be two alike.

How did you meet Silverson?
I was clear about the type of ring I wanted, so I searched the internet until I found the company that offered me just what I needed.

What does a ring symbolize for you?
It symbolizes something that has no end, that never ends. In this case a feeling without end, infinite.

What does giving a ring mean to you?
Perhaps giving a ring does not go beyond the detail itself, but when it is a ring like this, it means capturing an emotion in a physical object, and making it eternal.

Have you been satisfied with the result?
The truth is that yes, my partner has been delighted with the ring and the box.
Congratulations for the great work done.

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