Frequent questions

What does it mean that Silverson is a manufacturer?

We have our own workshop. We design our parts and manufacture them. That is why we can guarantee them without problems.

What does it mean that Silverson is handmade?

We make our pieces in a traditional way, not industrial. Our processes include the treatment of the pieces one by one and not in a chain production.

Does this influence the final result?

The result is absolutely professional, since we work with state-of-the-art machines. However, some of our finishes may have a millimeter excess or defect due to handcrafting.

How is the purchase process?

It is necessary to differentiate if the piece is silver or gold.

  • If it is silver: we will send you a ring at home so that you can measure yourself properly. Once we know the measurement, we will make the ring and send it to you within a maximum period of two weeks. We can do it faster if you ask us.
  • If it is in gold: keep in mind that the price you see on the piece is the first part of the payment. It's a reservation. Later, we will send you the ring and when we know the measurement, we will tell you the total price of the piece. We do not want you to pay more.

What guarantee do I have?

Our parts are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects or metal problems. We can also help you in cases of breakage by accident and others.

Can you make a ring that I have seen but in another metal?

Yes of course, you just have to ask. We can also change stones, wood and whatever you suggest. We are open to all your ideas.

How do I take the measurements of the ring?

Very easy. We will send you a ring as soon as you place the order. It will arrive in a few days. You will have to measure yourself well and tell us the specific measurements. In this communication we also usually ask about the engraving of the ring, which is free.

Is there any advice to measure the size correctly?

Yes, you have to do it when the body is not especially hot, nor especially cold. For example, after being very hot or running, we may have one size larger.

So it is best to measure yourself in normal temperature conditions and after having spent a while without very high physical activity.