Original wedding bands: why not with wood?

Are you looking for alliances for your wedding? Do you want some original wedding bands ? Surely you do not want to look like your mother when looking at your hand or that the day after the wedding it seems that you are wearing a piece on your finger that makes you ten years older. In this article is the solution, we have wedding rings in silver and gold for all tastes. We are experts in designing original wedding bands and we make wedding rings with original designs.

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If you are looking for a good price, read on. We have the solution you are looking for: a mixture of silver and wood that will come out for a very affordable price and that will give you that modern and original touch that you are looking for and that you have not yet found. At Silverson we work with affordable silver wedding rings.

Also, we are experts in wedding rings for couples. At Silverson you will ensure that your partner is happy with their ring and you will not have to spend too much work choosing and measuring to choose a pair of wedding bands . Sometimes, it is interesting that each one chooses the ring with which he most identifies. You will find original marriage rings that will make you feel good.

We will send a ring to your home so that you can solve it calmly and without spending five afternoons on the matter. Wedding bands don't have to be a problem when planning a wedding and at Silverson we make that very clear. You were looking for "wedding rings" and "wedding rings" and you ended up on this website. Ask yourself why. Without a doubt , they are authentic original engagement gifts.

White gold wedding bands

Within wedding rings, white gold wedding rings are still considered original rings today because they are separated from the yellow color of gold that some people find too serious. White gold wedding rings are very similar in tone to silver and add a more informal and less rigorous touch to the appearance of the hand. If you are looking for original white gold wedding bands you will find some that will surprise you. Our gold alliances for women are original and different alliances. You have to see them.

At Silverson we work with white gold rings mixed with wood to achieve a spectacular result. White gold wedding bands are an increasingly sought-after option in today's jewelry. They are a piece that gives a special elegance and that maintains the modern touch that many of our clients are looking for.

Another common question: is the price of white gold wedding rings different from yellow gold? The answer is no. Enter our category of gold rings and you will see that both yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold have the same price. In Silverson you will find white gold wedding rings, prices and all the details you are looking for.

Midori is our collection most focused on gold and especially white gold. Do not stop looking at it because if you are looking for white gold wedding rings and all its accessories, this collection is yours. You will see white and yellow gold wedding bands in all variants. Our alliance rings do not leave you indifferent and if you are looking for cheap white gold rings or different white gold rings, this may be your place to find an original wedding band. If you have any questions about original wedding rings, ask us for the price of gold rings at i nfo@silverson.art

Wedding rings with rose gold

Were you looking for "Gold Alliances" and you ended up here? That's because you don't settle for generic gold wedding rings. Within our original wedding rings, without a doubt, there are those that mix the beauty of rose gold with the most spectacular woods.

If you do not want classic wedding bands, if you are looking for an original wedding ring, rose gold may be a good solution for you. Please note that all of our gold pieces can be made in rose gold. You can play with the contrast offered by the different shades of wood. For wedding rings, we do all three shades, which one do you like the most? If you are looking for gold alliances, surely you like one of ours. And if what you are looking for is yellow gold wedding rings, we can help you too.

Price of Gold Rings

At Silverson we do not give a fixed price when we work with gold alliances, we adapt to you because we are manufacturers and we know what we are doing. Gold is expensive and a size 12 gold wedding band is not the same as a size 19. We will charge you for the material we use, nothing more.

The prices that you will see on the web are a signal, a pre-booking of the alliances. After making it, we will send you a ring ring home so you can measure your size. Once we know the size, we'll tell you how much the material and manufacturing of your ring costs, and we'll tell you how to pay what's left. You can also ask us for a quote without obligation if you know your approximate size.

Wedding bands, prices and everything you need can be found in our rings section.

If you want to see gold alliances, prices and models , go to the link.

You may ask, what about yellow gold wedding bands? Have they been outdated? Are they fashions that are no longer worn? The answer is it depends. A yellow gold alliance can be a beautiful wedding ring and be very modern if we know how to find the right touch. Take for example this ring:

Domaur is a modern, youthful and very sophisticated wedding ring and is made of yellow gold. It can be a good idea if you are looking for wedding rings for men and if you are looking to combine it to have beautiful wedding rings, you will also have a spectacular result.

Wedding rings with silver

IF what you are looking for is cheap wedding bands or cheap wedding bands, you are also in the right place because here we are experts in silver wedding rings and in all kinds of original alliances and silver wedding bands . Cheap wedding rings do not have to be at odds with originality or elegance. We invite you to take a look at our Silverson silver collection to convince yourself that a good silver ring can be a perfect solution. Silver engagement rings are increasingly in demand. In addition, we confess that our silver wedding rings are Silverson's best sellers, they are our true specialty. Silver rings are a trend in the world of weddings. Have you considered some silver rings for your wedding? Using a silver alliance can be a great idea because silver wedding rings are completely on trend.

In this category you can find cheap wedding bands that will last you forever. The engagement rings you were looking for are safe in Silverson. Ask us privately if you want to know more. Even if you are looking for a cheap price for cheap wedding bands, we can talk and explore your options. Silver wedding rings are a good solution if you want to save costs.

If you want something different and you think that your wedding should be civil, we also recommend our silver rings for civil marriage. They continue to break molds and schemes of what is meant by conventional marriage.

In addition, silver wedding rings for men are the latest fashion and are a solution that men usually like a lot, since it seems to take a "weight" off them since they are not used to wearing jewelry or expensive objects. on the fingers of the hand. Silver engagement rings are also a trend that you can find on our website. If you have any questions, write to us through the chat. If you are looking for simple silver engagement rings, you are in the perfect place. In addition to everything, silver alliances are cheap original alliances. If you are looking for alliances, original designs you will love Silverson. Silver rings for men are a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Enter this link to see Wedding rings prices and you can also find cheap silver wedding rings.

If you are looking for silver and wood rings in Mexico we can also help you because we are selling there without any problem. Ask us.

Marriage Proposal Rings

If what you are looking for is a engagement ring, at Silverson you will find many options. We have solitaire engagement rings, with different numbers of diamonds and in all materials. Our handmade wedding rings are perfect for this. If you are looking for a promise and engagement ring, take a look at these options that we offer you in our collection of engagement rings:

Do not forget to see our section of marriage proposal rings .





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