The power of the rings. All known rings from the lord of the rings and what they do.

At the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring , Gandalf tells Bilbo, " There are many magic rings in this world... and none of them are to be used lightly." If Gandalf is to be believed, then Middle Earth is riddled with rings. , however, only a select few are detailed in Tolkien's extensive work.


Along with a few notable "minor" rings, the series primarily focuses on the 20 Rings of Power . These 20 rings were divided, three for the elves, seven for the dwarves, nine for the world of men, and one for the Dark Lord Sauron.

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The one ring to rule them all

The One Ring is a master ring, forged by Sauron to control the other Rings of Power. While it affects each carrier differently, it will eventually corrupt anyone who has it. The more powerful the owner, the faster the One Ring will consume and corrupt them.

Rather than being tied to a specific element, the One Ring's main power is the power itself; magnifies the user's pre-existing power. The One Ring can also transport its wearer to the world of the Wraiths, where the Ringwraiths wait hungrily. While many characters gain possession of it throughout the trilogy, the One Ring was made specifically for Sauron , so only the Dark Lord can access its true power.

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The Three Rings of Power of the Elves


While Sauron crafted the One Ring in secret from his stronghold of Mordor , the other 19 were openly created by the elves, though not without a dark hand to guide them. After the fall of Morgoth (Middle-earth's original villain) at the end of the First Age, Sauron , Morgoth's greatest lieutenant, spent 1,500 years regaining his magical strength and military might, turning Mordor into a stronghold of evil. . As part of his grand plan to dominate all species, Sauron infiltrated the Elves of Eregion, adopted a "righteous" guise, and renamed himself Annatar. Operating in the shadows and sowing dissent among the already fractured elven houses, Sauron offered Eregion magical knowledge and prompted them to create the Rings of Power .


Nenya , also known as the Ring of Water , is one of the three elven rings. Nenya grants its wearer the power to preserve, protect, and conceal . The ring belongs to Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien , who uses Nenya to enrich the land surrounding the elven settlement and keep it hidden from Sauron's piercing gaze.

Other than the One Ring, Nenya is the only other ring to feature heavily in the novels. Like the other two elven rings, Nenya loses its power once Frodo destroys the One Ring.


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Narya also called the "Ring of Fire" or the "Red Ring"

Narya is one of the most powerful Rings of Power and one of which is referenced in the verse "Three Rings for the Elven Kings under Heaven" that appears at the beginning of "The Lord of the Rings" . He counted among his powers the ability to revive hearts and give them courage. It was a gold ring set with a ruby. The Sindarin word nar is related to the sun and fire.

In the middle of the Third Age Círdan, at the time when the Istari landed at the Gray Havens, gave the ring to Mithrandir (Gandalf ), for Círdan saw deeper than anyone in Middle-earth , and knew where Gandalf came from and where he would return, and he perceived that, of all the Wizards, it was Gandalf who had the highest spiritual height, although he seemed the least important.

Gandalf possessed it henceforth, using it in his cause against Sauron and helping himself to strengthen the hearts of all peoples in the fight against the Dark Lord. At the end of the Third Age, after the destruction of the One Ring , when all the rings lost their power, Gandalf sailed to Mithlond with the other Ringbearers, taking Narya with him to the Old West.



Vilya , also known as the Ring of Air , is considered the strongest of the elven Rings of Power. Although its exact powers are unknown, it is believed that, like the other elven rings, Vilya protects its wearer and gives them control over the elements.


In The Fellowship of the Ring , it is implied that Vilya grants its wielder , Elrond, the power to preserve Rivendell , as well as the ability to summon the water horses that consume the Nazgûl (Ringwraiths) that pursue Vilya. Frodo .


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The Seven Rings of Power of the Dwarves

As with the Elves, Sauron let the Dwarf Lords use their gifts and then tried to corrupt them through the One Ring. It failed again, this time because the Dwarves were too tough and resolute to be controlled. Rather than fall under Sauron's spell, the dwarven ring-bearers amassed great wealth, but their greed consumed them further, setting the events of The Hobbit in motion . Only one of the Seven is specified in Tolkien's lore: Thrór's Ring, which was gifted by Celebrimbor, not Sauron.

As the Dwarves' Rings of Power brought considerable trouble to the dragons, it is not surprising that four of the Seven melted under the beasts' flaming breath . Sauron managed to retrieve the remaining three after his return to prominence , then boldly attempted to bargain with the Dwarves, offering the trio in exchange for their loyalty. They responded with instructions to stick that offer to their Caradhras.


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The Nine Rings of Power of Mortal Men

Sauron ultimately tasted success with the nine human kings he bestowed Rings of power on. Less magical than the Elves and less resilient than the Dwarves, Sauron's chosen Men-folk licked up their tempting gifts, succumbing wholly to the unseen tendrils of the One Ring. As the Dark Lord promised, the nine kings gained power, eternity and riches...

But they became slaves of the dark lord and became known as the Nazgûl and saw their existence tied to the power of the one ring.

Little is known about the identities of the Nazgûl, with only the Witch-king of Angmar and Khamûl the Easterling named by Tolkien . The fate of the nine Rings of Power reserved for Men is also somewhat of a mystery. The pieces themselves were never found, so they either remained with Sauron in Mordor or stayed with the physical bodies of their respective kings, wherever they were kept.


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